Disney Marvel Firing ‘Woke’ Writers After WGA Strike

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Nov 19, 2023

The Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) went on strike for a record 146 days in order to establish a new agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) to provide better benefits for script writers and other behind-the-scenes staff.

However, this new agreement could change everything for the writers, as well as for the studios. In fact, Disney Marvel has already spoken out about how it will change their hiring practices.

Disney Marvel Studios Reportedly Making a Big Change

Word on the street is that Disney Marvel Studios has plans to completely restructure its television division.

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And this apparent restructuring could mean eliminating diversity hires and a stronger focus on the individual’s experience, skillset, and salary requirements.

Marvel Studios Has Really Been Struggling With TV

Realistically, while the change certainly does correlate with the new WGA agreement, it’s also likely due in part to Marvel’s recent struggles.

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The subsidiary of Disney has had several failed TV shows on its streaming site, Disney+, and they know it’s taking a toll on the company.

Marvel’s TV Shows Have Flopped

There’s no doubt that Marvel makes some of the most successful and beloved films in Hollywood, but for some reason, they can’t quite figure out how to make a TV show that people want to watch.

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And sadly, it seems that these less-than-impressive shows have really affected the studio and they are desperately trying to get back on top.

Marvel’s Disappointing TV Shows Have Had Negative Effects

In fact, recently Disney’s current CEO Bob Iger admitted in an interview that the television content they created for Disney+ truly did lasting damage to Marvel’s image.

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He said, “They have not been in the TV business at any significant level…. And frankly, it diluted the focus and attention [from their movie output.]”

Marvel Was Already Planning a Restructure

So it’s certainly safe to say that Marvel Studios was already planning a restructure for their TV division long before the WGA even went on strike.

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However, now, the company is claiming that the planned changes are absolutely based on the developments at the WGA.


How the WGA Strike Will Change Hollywood

It’s important to understand that the WGA strike will have huge implications for all studios, not just Marvel.

Protestors hold signs during WGA strike that read “Writer’s Guild on Strike! Pay Your Writers”

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Last month, the WGA finally made a deal with the AMPTP called the Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA). And this agreement may change everything.


What Does the Minimum Basic Agreement Say?

The MBA covers compensation, benefits, working conditions, use of literary material, enforcement of contracts, and residual payments for Hollywood writers.

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So essentially, members of the WGA got almost everything they wanted when the strike began, and studios are going to have to change the way they compensate, hire, and contract screenwriters for every film and TV show produced.


How Does the MBA Affect Marvel?

The MBA states that every showrunner must be a union writer, and that they have more power when it comes to hiring a writing staff.

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Which means that Marvel Studios have less say in who writes their movies and shows. So in order to combat that issue, Marvel has a plan in place.


What Marvel’s Restructuring Will Mean for Writers

Marvel’s plan is apparently to focus heavily on high-quality content. Instead of making several pilots and testing them on an audience, the studio will approve, write, and produce an entire series before showing the world.

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That means that Marvel needs the best of the best, and they will only be hiring experienced writers and producers.


Diversity Will No Longer Be a Priority at Marvel

Because Marvel plans to only hire writers with extensive experience, they will likely be ignoring the idea of hiring a diverse staff of different ages, genders, backgrounds, and ethnicities; they only want those who have made successful TV shows before.

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To break it down, the WGA agreement says the union showrunner will do the rest of the hiring, so Marvel will only be hiring showrunners who are completely focused on choosing the best in the business.


Nothing Is Set in Stone

Although the WGA and AMPTP seemed to have reached an agreement, it’s not set in stone just yet. And neither is Marvel’s reported restructuring plan.

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So for now, the writers of Hollywood will still have to wait to find out just what this new agreement means for them, and how it will affect their careers at studios such as Marvel moving forward.