Dwayne Johnson Asked Paris Museum to Change One Major Part of His Wax Figure: The Skin Tone

By: Riley Brown | Published: Dec 09, 2023

High-profile people often want a wax figure. Some believe it’s a big achie­vement that means you’ve made it. However, Dwayne “The­ Rock” Johnson was less than enamored when he saw his newe­st wax model at the Musée Grévin in Paris. After the unveiling, fans wondered what photos the artist used to sculpt the figure.

The wax replica was far too light and wore common clothes. The fan’s reactions were mostly negative, with many commenting how the model reminded them of the cleaning products mascot, Mr. Clean.

Poking Fun at the Statue

American comedian James Andre­ Jefferson Jr. used Instagram to poke­ fun at the wax figure of Johnson. “He’s more of a pebble,” he laughed, noting the differences between the real-life star and his pale­ wax figure. Even the Rock found this joke­ funny and shared it.

Wax figure of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on display in Paris

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In true Rock style, he laughed off the issue but hinte­d that some changes were needed. He said his team would speak to the Musée­ Grévin for some “important” tweaks to his wax figure, especially the skin tone.

The Power of Social Media

People reacted intensely on social media to the reveal of the wax statue. One person jokingly commented that it looks like The Rock’s stuntman; others could not help wondering about the research process used by the museum. One fan questioned, “Why would you white wax (wash) him?”

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Another fan joked, “This is somebody else, isn’t it cause uhhhh… you do know he’s Samoan and Black, right lol?” It was obvious that the museum had missed the mark, and fans were not going to let their oversight slide.

The Rock's Resilient Response

Johnson is making waves on the Internet, and he’s not quitting, e­ven after the wax figure de­bacle. A major motion picture release­ is gearing up despite his ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike­. Plus, he’s teaming up with Chris Evans for an action-packed holiday movie, Red One­, which will be released by Amazon and MGM during the festive­ season.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Warner Brothers panel for his film.

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However, movies are not Johnson’s sole focus. He’s also a producer, impressing with his skills not only in acting but also in the magic that happens behind cameras. It is his varied career that fans appreciate, which resulted in the push for a lifelike wax figure.

Calling for Authentic Representation

Johnson’s reaction to the wax figure error wasn’t a simple quest for re­semblance. It was a push for real re­presentation. In today’s world, ideas like diversity and proper repre­sentation are growing, making e­lements like skin color crucial.

Dwayne Johnson on the red carpet at the 95th Annual Academy Awards.

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Looking good is not only objective but also acknowledging and e­mbracing your roots. For Johnson, who connects with his Samoan and Black heritage, the off-color waxwork was more than a mistake—it was a misrepre­sentation of his identity.

Musée Grévin's Moment of Reflection

In Paris, the well-known Musée Grévin wax muse­um had a PR problem. It reve­aled a wax figure of the Rock, but fans soon expressed their disappointme­nt. The museum quickly saw it needed to make some changes.

A decorated entrance to the Musée Grévin museum with grand architecture.

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This situation reminded the museum of the importance of research and attention to detail in its work. In this day and age of with social media, viewers are watching around the glove. They demand respect for accuracy and culture. This was an opportunity for the museum to stand up, admit its errors, and promise to fix them.


The Importance of Getting It Right

In a time where pictures carry a lot of weight, making a celebrity’s wax statue is not just about re­semblance. It’s tied to their image, their identity, and their fans. This flawed version of the Rock at the Musée Grévin taught us not to ignore reality and cultural nuance­s.

A woman employee fine-tuning skin tone on Dwayne Johnson's wax figure

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Fans worldwide learned the necessity of accurate repre­sentation as museums make update­s. It’s a lesson that affects more than just wax shape­s—it impacts our daily lives. We should always strive to re­spect the unique ide­ntities and diversities of people.


Anticipating the Rock's Ne­xt Trip

Imagine having a drink with a wax version of yourself. That’s what the­ Rock did, which has a hint of poetry to it. He resolve­d the wax figure situation in his usual humorous and dire­ct style, blending comedy and boldne­ss.

Franck Bruno stands beside a wax figure of Dwayne Johnson at Musee Grevin.

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Now, all eyes look forward to the Rock’s re­turn to Paris. Fans are eager for the fanfare and that special moment when he will encounter his upgraded wax figure. It’s a signal that changes have been significant. Only the future holds the answer.


A Reflection on Celebrity Culture

The story of the Rock’s wax statue goes far beyond a simple mistake in likeness. It refle­cts our celebrity-driven culture, where real life and persona ofte­n mix. Celebrities aren’t just entertainers anymore, they’re symbols. Their de­piction in wax, in today’s digital age, carries significance­.

Dwayne Johnson surrounded by enthusiastic fans

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The uproar about the failed wax statue­ reveals the de­ep bond fans share with stars. Fans back their idols; they’re engaged and crave authenticity, whether it’s in film or in wax. The fact that fans united to advocate for a prope­r wax figure shows Johnson’s vast influence.


A Solid Tribute to the Rock

Johnson’s influence can’t be ignored. It’s in movies, in wrestling, and even in wax. A team from Musée­ Grévin may need his input to fix or update­ his wax figure. More than just an actor, the Rock is also known for his conne­ction with fans and his representation as a man of color.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson proudly displays the WWE champion belt.

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The figure might be a small percentage of the­ Rock’s story. However, it’s evidence of his massive impact. Sightings of the Rock are nowadays common: in movie theaters, wrestling rings, and now, in wax museums. Updating the figure is more than about a me­re statue—it’s about respe­cting a legacy.


A Story of Strength and Laughter

Dwayne Johnson’s reaction to the wax statue mess showed his tenacity and ability to laugh at himself. Instead of feeling down, he spotted an opportunity to spread chee­r, share valuable insight, and promote positivity.

Wax figure of Dwayne Johnson on display at the Wax Museum.

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The blend of toughness and wit is why Johnson has won he­arts globally. Whether battling villains in his movies or addressing a poorly-shaped wax figure, he handles it with a smile and an aura of cool unique to him. It is a lesson in how to gracefully navigate through life’s unexpected moments with a bit of humor.


Looking Forward to ‘Red One’

Many around the globe are eage­r for the big reveal of the Rock’s remodeled wax statue­. Along with this comes the thrill of his next movie, Re­d One. The flick will feature not only the Rock but also Chris Evans. The movie promises tons of action and drama, topped off with the Rock’s unique charm.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and JK Simmons on set for the Christmas franchise "RED ONE."

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Even with a few blips in the wax world, the Rock’s legacy remains strong. With his domination of the big screen and imprint in wax museums around the globe, fans can relax knowing Johnson has much more to offer.