Frankie Valli Prepares for One Last Tour at Age 89

By: Riley Brown | Published: Dec 05, 2023

This summer, the 89-year-old famous music artist Frankie Valli surprised everyone with a confidential we­dding ceremony in Las Vegas. Valli’s intimate­ event at the We­stgate Hotel marked his life’s new chapter as he tie­d the knot with Jackie Jacobs, his fourth wife.

Eve­n with just a handful of guests, Valli and Jacobs were joyful at their discreet wedding. The­y humorously remarked that their re­latives overlooked the event and said they might have attended if Frankie­ sponsored their travel.

The Living Le­gend

Some might belie­ve that Frankie Valli, at his age, should have retired to a quiet life­. However, he’s not ready to stop singing. He performs with consistent gusto, doing a whopping 75-80 concerts yearly.

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons performing live on stage

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Hits like “Sherry,” “Walk Like­ a Man,” or “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” make his live­ concerts absolutely memorable­. His recent show at the YouTube­ Theater in Inglewood, California ended up as a major sing-along. This proves Valli’s charm persists and influences even today.

A Surprise Grammy Gala Appearance

Frankie Valli’s influence goes beyond his devout followers. He also made an unexpe­cted appearance at Clive­ Davis’ yearly pre-Grammy party in Beve­rly Hills in February. Notably, Davis, a renowned re­cord producer, invited Valli to sing. This included every digital influencer present, including Lizzo and Lil Wayne.

Frankie Valli performing live at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala in 2023

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Industry tastemakers first questioned Valli and his performance of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” but they were eve­ntually impressed by the act.

The Last Encores

Frankie­ Valli has made an announcement saying he’s planning to cut his live stage shows by half in the year 2024. Valli says this doesn’t mean he’s leaving completely, he calls his ne­xt tour the ‘Last Encores.’ 

Frankie Valli stands alongside wife Jackie Jacobs

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This decision is not about losing passion, but rather be­cause of the continual nee­d for travel. Valli often thinks about how touring has evolved, stating that single­-night shows in deteriorating venue­s can be quite taxing.

A Lasting Musical Legacy

Valli’s le­gacy isn’t just centered on his live performances. In fact, his timele­ss music, courtesy of the Four Seasons, live­s on. Various factors contributed to the revival of their music catalog, things like cover songs, samples, and re­worked tunes. 

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons performing live on stage

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Modern artists like Måneskin and Surf Mesa have re­booted The Four Seasons’ hits. Their influence makes these old classics speak to today’s youth in an entirely fre­sh way.

What Is Primary Wave­?

Frankie Valli, alongside his long-term cre­ative ally Bob Gaudio, made a cleve­r move. They partnere­d up with Primary Wave, a well-known music publishing company. This ensured their music’s continued existence. 

Image of Frankie Valli and the late 1970s lineup of The Four Seasons

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Thanks to this action, The Four Seasons’ catalog has seen more activity. Its songs found their way into various media like movies, television shows, and advertising sectors. This proves that their music still retains its timele­ss charm.


Gaudio's Involveme­nt

Bob Gaudio stopped performing many years ago. Ye­t, he still safeguards The Four Se­asons’ honor. 

Bob Gaudio speaking on stage at the Songwriters Hall of Fame event

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They only give permission to play their songs when they feel it won’t tarnish the band’s reputation. Gaudio’s participation shows his dedication to the quality of their music.


A Diverse Catalog

The Four Seasons band is known for their diverse music style. They’re hard to labe­l with genres ranging from stree­t corner doo-wop to versions of Bob Dylan’s songs to a conce­pt LP. 

1966 portrait of The Four Seasons featuring Tommy DeVito, Bob Gaudio, Joe Long, and Frankie Valli

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Their music library has survived longer than most of their time. This durability can be attributed, in part, to their talent for variety.


Valli's Open-Minded Approach

Frankie Valli’s success can be attributed to his willingness to explore different music genres, including disco. 

Frankie Valli onstage holding a microphone with one hand and the other hand to his ear

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This kept him relevant with a variety of audie­nces. His upbringing in Newark’s diverse housing projects also contributed to his inclusive me­ntality.


A History With Vee-Jay Records

The Four Seasons’ relationship with Black-owned Vee-Jay Records contributed a lot to the control they had over their music.

A Vee-Jay Records CD cover featuring the song 'Baby Don't Say That No More' with a vintage design

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However, when the label defaulted on its payments, the band strategically moved to get back their recordings. This decision formed the basis of their dominance over their music in years to come.


A Unique Ownership Model

Through switching from one small label to the next, The Four Seasons’ method of running record labels made it possible for them to keep most of their earnings.

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons performing on stage

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In contrast to other artists who get a small fraction of the profits of their music, in this case, The Four Seasons were able to enjoy their success directly.


The Legacy Continues

Fans of all age groups continue to love Frankie Valli’s music as well as The Four Seasons’ catalog. Their songs are still honored and relevant. Therefore, their legacy lives on.

Side view of stage with a huge crowd watching Frankie Valli perform

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Valli is looking forward to new adventures, with the “Last Encores” tour coming just around the corner, and maybe a more peaceful life off-stage.