Gen Z Trusts Mediums More Than Therapists

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

Fewer people are paying for sessions with shrinks these days, perhaps due to the costs. Interestingly, Gen Z seems to have found an alternative in mediums, as it appears they now trust them more than therapists.

But why do people consult mediums to begin with? Many individuals often seek psychic or psychological help for various reasons. However, the emotional stress that trails losing a loved one seems to be one popular reason in particular.

Mediums are Now 10-a-cent

It is now commonplace to stumble on an online séance session with multiple individuals simultaneously logged in.


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Such sessions are often facilitated by a self-acclaimed medium, as participants hope to communicate with a loved one who has passed on. Deep down, the participants only seek an outlet for their grief.

People Wouldn't Go to Mediums If They Could Help It

There are many who do not believe in an afterlife or the possibility of communicating with someone who has passed away. However, such opinions may not pan out well with someone who has just lost a loved one to cold hands of death.


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Mrs. Doe may have tried conventional mental rehabilitation unsuccessfully and would probably give anything to end her two-year-long grief.

Some Mediums Prey on People’s Vulnerabilities

During a séance, grieving individuals often want answers to questions like, “Are they at peace?” or “Have they forgiven me for not being there?”


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Sadly, some mediums take advantage of the situation for their own financial benefit. While many people have attested to the credibility of a handful of mediums, it is safe to assume a multitude of them as scams.

Why People Seek Out Séances

According to Camille Wortman, a grief expert, people will sometimes go to great lengths to overcome the emotional pains induced by loss.


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While, most people would mourn and come to terms with the reality that their loved one is never coming back, others would experience bouts of PTSD or even nightmares after a loss. The latter category may feel they could have done better for the deceased and sometimes even blame themselves.

How To Regulate Mediums

To overcome traumatic experiences, it is not uncommon for grieving individuals to hire mediums. If they’re rich enough, they pay for a one-on-one session. If they don’t have the financial means, they may agree to be sandwiched with others in a group consultation.

Source: AHP

The bottom line, however, is that this industry needs to be regulated as not-so-honest opportunists have taken over to make some easy bucks.


The Honey That Attracts the Bear

IBISWorld is a research group that has been conducting financial analysis on the profitability of the psychic industry since 2021. It estimates that the psychic industry will be worth $2.3 billion in 2023.

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Sadly, mainstream media have become complicit in furthering the cause of mediums. For example, some morning news shows gladly offer them publicity in an attempt to drive up ratings.


Meet the Medium Hunters

Many skeptics are out to bust the bubble of mediums, primarily those who run fake séance sessions.

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An example is Susan Gerbic, an opponent of such psychic performances. Gerbic runs a research group with members from around the globe. They connect to online séance sessions using fake profiles, and pick holes in the mediums’ readings.


The Placebo Effect of Séances

An objective analysis of séances and other psychic consultations by people like Wortman and Gerbic has revealed patterns in their messages which are primarily positive and reassuring.

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However, Wortman noted that despite some of these false séance messages, the sessions are beneficial for some grieving clients—she deduced this belief from peer-reviewed studies on the subject.


Do Mediums Only Say What People Want to Hear?

When asked why clients always get positive messages during séances, mediums have claimed that the dead loved one is already in another realm, devoid of hate or pain.

Source: Forever Family Foundation/Instagram

While people like Gerbic don’t believe it is possible to converse with the dead, Robert Ginsberg, founder of Forever Family Foundation, sees things differently.


A Terrible Ordeal Changes Ginsberg's Stance

According to Ginsberg, he was equally a skeptic of the afterlife up until 2002 when a fatal car accident claimed his daughter. Today, his foundation does a pseudo-accreditation for mediums to separate the imposters from the real deal.

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Ginsberg assesses mediums by subjecting them to a rigorous screening involving a 45-minute interview, five sample readings, and an eight-page application form. The foundation does not charge a fee.


The Future of Mediums

You may ask, “Why is a non-governmental organization left to regulate the activities in a $2.3 billion industry?” Well, your guess is as good as ours.

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Wortman believes the National Institute of Mental Health will likely invest in something other than research into the afterlife and people’s ability to speak with the dead in the near future.