“I regret my tattoo”: Woman Goes Viral for Tattooing Her Boyfriend’s Name on Her Forehead, But There’s a Twist

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Dec 06, 2023

A TikTok video went viral after a woman made a clip of herself getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed in huge letters on her forehead.

She then continued to post several more videos encouraging others to show their love to their partners to do the same. Although her most recent post shows an unbelievable surprise twist to the story.

Ana Stankovsky Becomes TikTok Famous with Her New Tattoo

Ana Stankovsky is a Polish-born woman who posts “funny videos and positive energy” on TikTok.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok bio

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

And while she already had several hundred thousand followers before the tattoo video, this clip made her completely TikTok-famous.

The Infamous Tattoo TikTok

In the original post, Ana showed herself going through the process of getting a tattoo of her boyfriend Kevin’s name in giant calligraphy lettering across her forehead.

Screenshot of a TikTok video with Ana Stankskovsky and the text, “Getting my bf’s name tattooed on my face”

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

And while Ana already is more or less covered in tattoos, this one certainly got people’s attention as it was so extreme and, as many said, absolutely ridiculous.

Ana Also Encouraged Her Viewers to Get a Tattoo of Their Lover’s Name across Their Face

To add fuel to the already raging fire, Ana even encouraged her followers in a follow-up video to follow her lead.

Screenshot of a TikTok video with Ana Stankskovsky with the stencil for a tattoo across her forehead

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

She essentially said that getting a partner’s name tattooed across their face is the best possible way to show loyalty and love.

The World Responded in a Big Way

Ana’s clip got an almost unbelievable 34.4 million views, and while she did get a minimal amount of support for her choice, the vast majority of people told her she was crazy for getting such a tattoo.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok of Ana smiling into a mirror


One Tiktok user wrote, “Wow, you will regret this one day,” and another said, “Whattt [?] too far.”

Many Viewers Questioned the Validity of the Video

Although the clip clearly shows Ana getting the tattoo with the machine and everything, tons of viewers left comments either doubting that the tattoo was real or flat-out calling it fake.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok of Ana getting a tattoo on her forehead


Tattoo experts explained in the comments section that there was clearly no needle in the tattoo gun and that because there was no redness, swelling, or bleeding, it was very clearly a prank.


Ana Let the World Discuss Her Decision for about a Week Before Posting Her Big Surprise

For about a week, Ana posted clips talking about how happy she was with her new tattoo of her boyfriend’s name and let the world get all riled up about her decision.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok with the text, “Do you think he will like it?”

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

But then, on November 12, she posted yet another clip with a huge surprise for everyone following along.


Ana Says “I Regret My Tattoo”

As the clip starts playing, Ana tells the world, “I regret my tattoo,” leading everyone to think that only days after she got Kevin permanently inked across her forehead, she already wishes she hadn’t.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok with the text, “I regret my tattoo”

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

However, if people kept watching, they would hear Ana say, “I regret my tattoo, but not this one,” pointing to the Kevin tattoo. And continue to wipe the tattoo off her face, saying, “This is actually not a real tattoo.”


The Kevin Tattoo Was Actually Fake

So, all those TikTok users who believed the tattoo was fake from the start were completely right. The ink came straight off with a paper towel.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok with Ana wiping a fake tattoo off her forehead

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

Ana explained herself while she wiped the ink away, saying, “And the reason why I have tricked the internet [is because] I want everyone to know that I regret my tattoos, and you might regret yours when you get older.”


The Prank Was Part of a Warning

Essentially, Ana wanted her video to go viral, so she chose one of the most controversial options she possibly could for the fake tattoo.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok of Ana with several photos of her face in the news

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

And, of course, once it did, she finally had a captive audience of millions of people to share why she wants the world to be extremely careful when getting tattoos.


The First Thing People Notice about Ana Is Her Tattoos

Ana said that she dislikes her tattoos and the fact that they are the first thing that people notice about her. So “as a person fully covered in tattoos, [she] feels like it’s [her] responsibility to speak up and share [her experience].”

Technician using a laser machine to remove a tattoo

Source: Freepik

The truth is that while tattoo removal is technically possible, it’s expensive, painful, and often leaves an ugly scar. So Ana wants people to understand that if they get a tattoo and regret it, there is nothing they can really do about it, and they will be disappointed, like she is.


The Bottom Line: Be Extremely Cautious When Getting Tattoos

As an influencer, Ana states that she wants to “influence people in the right way” by telling them her truth: She regrets getting tattooed.

Screenshot of Ana Stanskovsky’s TikTok of Ana without a tattoo on her forehead

Source: @anastanskovksy/TikTok

And because her interesting prank has certainly reached millions of people, she may have saved quite a few young adults from making a choice they might later regret.