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Why Did Jared Leto Climb the Empire State Building?

Jared Leto, wearing a bright orange jumpsuit with 'MARS' written on one sleeve, stands high above New York City atop the Empire State Building
Source: Getty Images

Jared Leto, an actor and musician renowned for his Oscar-winning performance and lead role in the band Thirty Seconds To Mars, took on a remarkable challenge. He ascended the exterior of the Empire State Building, a feat that marks him as the first individual to legally climb the 102-story New York landmark. This undertaking was not only a test of physical endurance but also a unique promotional strategy for his band’s upcoming world tour.

Leto, aged 51, embarked on this daunting climb dressed in a conspicuous bright orange jumpsuit, equipped with a rope and harness for safety. The climb was intended to garner attention for the first headline tour of Thirty Seconds To Mars in five years, a band known for hits such as “Kings and Queens.” The tour is scheduled to commence in Buenos Aires in March 2024, marking a significant event for the band and its fans.

In an interview with NBC’s Today show, Leto conveyed his feelings about the climb. He expressed more excitement than nervousness, although he acknowledged the immense difficulty of the task. “I was more excited than nervous, to tell you the truth,” Leto said after the shocking stunt. “But I have to be honest, it was very, very hard. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Just the endurance that it took, the stamina that it took — and it was very sharp.”

Leto’s climb was more than a publicity stunt; it was a personal homage to New York City, a place he has long associated with the realization of dreams. He described the experience of watching the sunrise from the building as a symbolic moment, reflecting on his own journey and the significance of New York in his life. This personal connection added depth to his daring feat.

Adding an emotional element to the story, Leto recounted a special moment during his climb. Upon reaching the 80th floor, he was surprised to see his mother watching him from a window. This encounter was an unexpected and touching aspect of his challenging journey to the top of the Empire State Building. The building, once the world’s tallest, stands at a height of 380 meters (1,250 feet), with its antenna included, it measures 443 meters (1,454 feet) tall.

Jared Leto’s successful ascent of the Empire State Building is a noteworthy event that combines personal achievement, promotional strategy, and an emotional connection to a city that symbolizes ambition and dreams. His unique choice of promoting his band’s tour through this physical challenge highlights his dedication and creative approach to engaging with his audience. This event has undoubtedly captured the attention of fans and the public alike, showcasing Leto’s multifaceted talents and his commitment to his artistic endeavors.


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