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Man Confesses to Cheating on His Fiance and His Dramatic Behavior Goes Viral

Three screenshots from a TikTok video by @royalandwavey of a man crying with the text “My fiance’s reaction after telling me he got someone pregnant”
Source: @royalandwavey/TikTo

A recent video has gone viral with an incredible 22.9 million views, 92,000 comments, and 3.1 million likes. The video, posted by @royalandwavey, has caused an internet-wide controversy as it shows an interesting tantrum thrown by a grown man who apparently cheated on his fiance and got another woman pregnant. 

Even though the video clip was posted on the couple’s joint TikTok, apparently, it was Royal, the woman who got cheated on that posted her fiance’s embarrassing meltdown. And the video certainly was pretty degrading; first, it shows the man, Wavey, sitting fully clothed in the shower, sobbing as the water pours over him. Then, he is essentially having a toddler tantrum on his bedroom floor and then slams his head into the wall before finally kneeling over the bed, audibly crying and begging for forgiveness. 

While Wavey is crying, kicking, and moaning, Royal, the videographer, can be heard laughing and saying, “Unreal, this can’t be real, this can’t be my life” to herself as she watches in horror. At one point, Wavey claims he needs his inhaler as he is going to have an asthma attack, to which Royal calmly responds that he needs to start making arrangements, i.e., moving out of their home. Moments later, Royal laughs again and tells Wavey that he better not get spit on her carpet as he sobs. And at the end of the clip, she says, “Don’t touch my stuff,” while Wavey is dramatically rolling around on the floor. 

For some, the contents of the clip come across as comical as it’s quite ridiculous to watch a grown man have a child’s meltdown while his ex-fiance laughs in the background. However, although some of the 22 million people who watched certainly only clicked for a laugh, the video has also started an interesting conversation about infidelity. 

Many people support Royal completely in her blatant disregard for Wavey’s feelings after finding out that he had cheated on her and gotten another woman pregnant. One user commented “why he actin like YOU got someone else pregnant,” and another said, “you dodged a bullet finding this out before you married him. good for you tbh.”

In fact, almost no TikTok users weighed in on Wavey’s side of things even after watching his meltdown. But even those who may have felt bad for him quickly had to change their tune as Royal posted another clip just a few days later explaining that not only have Wavey gotten another woman pregnant while they were engaged, but the other woman is actually married as well. 


The absolute ludicracy of the TikTok video has led some people to wonder whether or not it was staged, but the majority of people believe that this seemingly ridiculous situation is sadly completely real.


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