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Pop Princess Speaks Out on Why Weed Should Be Legal and Pot Prisoners Should be Released

Source: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Swedish pop star Tove Lo has recently revealed her love of pot while promoting her new cannabis-infused line of caffeinated beverages. Due to Sweden’s restrictions on recreational marijuana, the singer was relatively unfamiliar with its variety of uses. However, after finding mainstream success on American airwaves, Tove Lo relocated to California where she has developed a newfound appreciation for cannabis.

She spoke highly of pot and its versatility by saying, “I don’t smoke as much anymore since my voice is more sensitive to it after vocal chord surgery. That’s why I love non-smoking cannabis options. I can get high without hurting my voice.” Tove Lo has become such an outspoken champion of cannabis that she even announced she would choose it over alcohol. She insisted that she could reap the benefits of pot without the after-effects that alcohol has. “I get no hangover, I don’t lose control as easily, and it just works better for me personally. Not everyone has that experience, but I do,” she said.
While Tove Lo has proudly promoted cannabis use on a public platform, she was very specific about where and when she chooses to use it. “Cannabis is a great idea sparker and works really well for coming up with visual ideas, beats, or TikToks. However, I don’t like to be high while recording or performing. It’s a fun addition at the right moment, but not essential for my creativity,” she clarified.

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Not only does the pop star have a fondness for pot, but she also has strong feelings about how people should be able to enjoy it without facing legal ramifications. “I believe cannabis should be legalized, and even if not, personal use or possession shouldn’t lead to jail time,” she said. “From my understanding, particularly in the States, African-Americans have been disproportionately incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis-related offenses. With cannabis legalization progressing in many places, it’s only just to release these individuals and expunge their records.” Tove Lo is passionate about the cause, stating, “The cannabis industry has a role to play in supporting initiatives that seek to redress these wrongs.”

Now that she has first-hand experience with the plant, Tove Lo got candid about who she hopes will someday give cannabis a chance. “She might not be thrilled about me saying this, but I’d choose my mom,” she revealed. “She’s a wonderful therapist and has never tried cannabis. I think it would be a fascinating experience to share with her. We might delve deep into her past and her youth.”


Tove Lo may be an accomplished pop singer, but her next step is to focus on her cannabis-based business venture. She spoke highly of her new beverage, called, “Passion Peach Mate,” by saying, “I thought it was a great new twist to the usual cannabis products out there. The drink and the whole campaign is supposed to feel the way we are; flirty, sexy, delicious, and weird. I think we did that.”


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