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AI Created a Fifth Beatle, and Fans Can’t Decipher Which One Does Not Belong

Image of five Beatles created using an artificial intelligence program
Source: @robmanuel/X

Artificial intelligence becomes increasingly harder to distinguish from reality with each passing year. Now, the internet is once again left scratching its head after a man creates an image with five members of the Beatles, and no one can say for sure which member is the fake. 

The Beatles are among the most recognizable faces on planet Earth. Consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and George Harrison, the band was formed in Liverpool, England, over 60 years ago and has given the four members worldwide fame. 

AI software has become incredibly useful in the modern era and even has some fun aspects. For example, Twitter users, including Rob Manuel, make art using the program by simply inputting a prompt, such as create an image of the Beatles “drinking the platonic ideal of a cup of tea.” 

The most puzzling aspect of the photo is that many X users can’t understand why the program added a fifth Beatle, nor can they identify which figure is the additional Beatle. According to Rob, he went through a tedious process of including various prompts, which, for whatever reason, decided to add in an extra member of the English band, and even appears to have created him using characteristics of the other four. 

When Rob asks ChatGPT, “Please name the five Beatles in the picture you just made,” the program goes on to explain the situation, saying,  “In the image I created, the Beatles depicted are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. However, there are only four members in the traditional lineup of the Beatles. The fifth individual or element you might be referring to could be a symbolic or artistic addition, like the perfect cup of tea, but it doesn’t represent an actual member of the Beatles.”

Not happy with the answer supplied by ChatGPT, Rob continues to press the program for a better answer. Eventually, it claims, This individual is a fictional or symbolic addition to the scene.” Now fed up with the back and forth, Rob demands a name for the fifth Beatle, to which it replies, “Maxwell, inspired by the Beatles’ song ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.’ It’s a whimsical choice that seems fitting for the creative and light-hearted nature of the scenario.”


Nonetheless, the image has continued to cause controversy on the Internet, with many questioning who the fake Bealte is. Others, drawn into the fun of things, are debating whether or not there was a fifth Beatle who vanished from the history books. 

Other X-users who saw the photo also noticed other unusual aspects. @FKettle_Witch wrote, “Why are there 9 cups of tea? And why on the far right are Ringo and Ringo/George hybrid holding the same cup? It’s like a nightmare when you look at the details. Especially with the killer rabbit in the background.”


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