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Backlash After Netflix Cancels 5 Popular Shows at Once

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Netflix, the prominent streaming service, has recently announced the cancellation of five television shows. This decision came shortly after the conclusion of the actors’ strikes in Hollywood. The strikes, which saw actors and writers advocating for fairer compensation, led to a halt in production across many projects. In the aftermath, networks and streaming services are reevaluating their portfolios, leading to the cancellation of several shows due to increased production costs and other factors.

Among the shows canceled is ‘Shadow and Bone’, a fantasy series adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels. The first season of ‘Shadow and Bone’ was a significant success for Netflix, even leading to the development of a related video game. However, the second season struggled to achieve similar success, which likely influenced Netflix’s decision to cancel the show, especially considering its substantial budget. Other canceled shows include the animated series ‘Agent Elvis’ and ‘Captain Fall’, the Kim Cattrall-starring series ‘Glamorous’, and the sci-fi comedy ‘Farzar’.

Leigh Bardugo, the author of the Grishaverse novels, expressed her feelings on Instagram about the cancellation of ‘Shadow and Bone’. She shared her disappointment but also acknowledged her gratitude for having the opportunity to see her work adapted into a series. Bardugo noted that many authors either never see their work adapted or regret the adaptation, but she felt proud and joyful about the ‘Shadow and Bone’ series.

The decision to cancel these shows has sparked reactions among fans, especially regarding ‘Shadow and Bone’. Fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment, with many questioning Netflix’s approach to managing its series. Some fans have pointed out the trend of Netflix canceling shows after just two seasons, expressing frustration about getting invested in series that do not continue.

‘Shadow and Bone’ featured actors such as Ben Barnes, Jessie Mei Li, and Archie Renaux and had garnered a significant fanbase. Following the release of its second season, there were calls from viewers for Netflix to renew the series for another season. However, the uncertainty over its future has now been resolved with its cancellation.

Netflix’s pattern of canceling shows after two seasons is not new. Previously, the service ended popular series like ‘Sense8’ and ‘Altered Carbon’ at the two-season mark. Another notable cancellation was the German-language thriller ‘1899’, which, despite its success and ranking in the Top 10 on Netflix, did not receive a renewal for a second season. Following this announcement, fans launched a petition in an attempt to persuade Netflix to reconsider, though it was ultimately unsuccessful.


Netflix’s recent decision to cancel five of its shows, including the highly popular ‘Shadow and Bone’, has led to a mix of reactions from authors, actors, and fans. These cancellations highlight the challenges and decisions facing streaming services in the current entertainment landscape, where the viability of a series can be influenced by various factors including production costs, viewership numbers, and broader strategic considerations.


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