Behind The Scene Photos Of Actors and Their Stunt Doubles

By: Mia Williams | Published: Dec 10, 2023

Seeing double is a good thing when you are an actor. Can you imagine scouring the universe to find a stunt double that looks just like some of the most famous faces on the planet?

Once their cast, it’s like a match made in heaven for them, but we want to still believe our movie star heroes are doing all the dirty work. These behind the scene photos of actors and their stunt doubles ruin everything….or is it twice as nice?

The King of Asgardian Hammers On With A Stunt Dub

Oh, Thor, be still my heart! Oh, Bobby Holland Hanton, be still my heart…Bobby Holland Hanton!? Yup, that’s right the longtime stunt double of superstar and superhero Chris Helmsworth, best known for his action-packed role as Thor.


Photo credit: @bobbydazzler84 / Instagram

The question now becomes, which built bad boy wore that badass cape the best? You can be the judge of that…to each his own, Speaking of bad asses…

Is That Drax? Or is That Drax? The Galaxy May Never Want To Know

A tit for tat…that’s a lot of tattos on these two out of this world fellows. Anyone who has seen Guardians of the Galaxy knows that Dave Bautista, who plays Drax is a complex character with the gams to go along with his lines.


Photo credit: redditvlli / Reddit

But why does this former, and well-built we might add, wrestler need a stunt double? Because two is better than one when it comes to saving the universe! Rocket would understand, remember Rocket? Let’s ask Harrison Ford, he knows all about it.

Indiana Jones Needs Some Stunt Love, Too, or is That Two?

Hats off to these two hunky dudes. Harrison Ford, better known for his role of Indiana Jones among others has a hunky stunt double. Say, What!? You thought all those fistfights, run-ins with snakes, and car chases were all Harrison.


Photo credit: SevenSssssss / Imgur

Thanks to his stunt double, Vic, we all fell in love with Indy and his wonderful whip! Speaking of something wonderful in our popular culture.

Hubba Hubba Hubba For Jabba the Hut

Carrie Fisher, famously played Princess Lea in the Star Wars movies with beauty and brains and that iconic gold bikini she wore so well with the Jabba the Hut scene. Plus, her acting was as good as gold thanks to her stunt double stepped in when Carrie had to step out of the scene.


Photo credit: roadhunter / Imgur

This is a moment in time that will live on forever. Thanks for the memories, Carrie… now onto some to a mini me double.

This Mini Me Really Rocks It!

Hats off to 23-year-old stunt double Emilly Brobst for stepping in as Chandler Riggs stunt double on the set of The Walking Dead.

Photo credit: BowtiesFezzesAndStetsonsAreCool / Imgur

There just is no limits to what Hollywood will do to make it work! We just have one thing to say about Emily, Go girl, you rock! Speaking of the Rock…


All In The Family Rocks Hollywood

If you can’t be a Hollywood A-Lister, be a stunt double for one! Better yet, keep in all in the family. Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s stuntman is actually his cousin, Tanoai Reed.

Photo credit: Larry Marano / Getty Images

Buff bodies must run in the family because take a look at these two beautiful bod baldies. From bald to long white hair and another fantasy world in a land far, far away.


We're Living in A Fantasy World

If seeing double isn’t bad enough, now we’re seeing a triple threat for Ian McKellan who robed it well in the fantasy blockbuster, The Hobbit. Long robes and even longer facial hair is the look of that day.

Photo credit: morriss / Imgur

This trio is taking stunt doubles to a whole new height! Speaking of stepping up for an A Lister…this is shockingly shocking!


Jenny From The Block Had A Guy Stunt Double

Speaking of triple threats, Jennifer Lopez is known for her singing, acting, and dancing. She is also gorgeous with a capital G. Sweet! What’s even sweeter is a guy stepped in for Jenny From The Block as a double for one of her music videos back in the day

Photo credit: icametodropbombs / Reddit

Check out his cheekbones and braids. Pefecto! Twin-tasic! I wonder if she’d go for that today…Speaking of twins…


Biceps, Triceps and Stunt Doubles, Oh, My!

I’ll be back, no, I’ll be back, no I’ll be back! Anyway, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his beautiful, muscles had a backup on the Commando set… another beautiful body named, Peter Kent, not to be confused with Clark Kent, better known as Superman! Up, up and away to another super show.

Photo credit: ImagesOfNetwork / Reddit

We love you Arnold and glad you found a double that can stand up to your biceps and triceps, you know what we mean. Speaking of some mean.


It's No Fun and Games, It's THE One and Only Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones HBO series captured the hearts of viewers with its bigger-than-life scenes, unprecedented content, and wonderfully artistic cast. Stunt doubles were critical in helping the cast create magic right in front of our eyes

Photo credit: OriginalPizza / Imgur

Let’s not forget the truly remarkable and graphic storylines that kept us coming back for more and gruesome more, How about that Dragon Queen? Speaking of queens take a look at this look alike.


Cameron Takes The Doubles Ride of Her Double's Life

Cameron and her beautiful legs passed the action-packed torch to her just as beautiful stunt double in the movie, Knight and Day. She and heartthrob A lister Tom Cruise both decided to let their doubles cruise on the double riding motorcycle scene.

Photo credit: Knight and Day / The Mask

Sometimes you just have to pass the torch to someone that will make you look amazing. That said, Cameron, not everyone is Wonder Woman…