Bewitched: Nose Wiggling Facts About the Show & Cast

By: Alec Donaldson | Published: Dec 10, 2023

No one could have predicted that Bewitched would still be alive decades later after its first time on-air on September 17th, 1964 and lasting eight seasons.

Four spin-offs aired on the small screen, and a full-blown remake was filmed with Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman in the lead roles, although none of the spin-offs were as popular as the original (of course).

“Darrin” was Almost Cast Differently

Richard Sargent, a teenage actor, came close to being cast as Darrin Stephens in the early days of the show’s casting. Sargent ended up accepting another position however while the pilot looked for someone to portray Samantha.


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Although second choice, Richard Crenna was not a strong contender, we will never know how the program would have turned out if someone other than the original Darrin, Dick York, had been chosen in the role.

Dick York's Charming Role as Darrin Stephens

On Bewitched, Dick York ended up playing Darrin Stephens, the mortal husband of Samantha Stephens. Due to his work on the series, Dick was a well-liked actor throughout the 1960s, but he is also remembered for his appearance in the 1960s classic picture Inherit the Wind.


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Despite his widespread popularity, Dick York only took on a handful of other roles after the cancellation of Bewitched on NBC. Given his health issues, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to the public.

Dick York Leaves

Following Richard Sargent’s turning down of the role, the character Darrin was offered to actor Richard Crenna. Richard Crenna declined this offer since he had just spent four years on The Real McCoys.


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Ultimately, Dick York was cast in the major male role at the beginning of the series. After Dick York departed from the TV show, Sargent returned to the role. Because the play didn’t last following the cast changes, the role shift was only temporary.

Why Dick York Left

Despite the fact that Dick York’s departure from the program was never addressed, it is clear that he had an underlying cause for leaving. While shooting the film They Came To Cordura, York tore the majority of the muscles on the right side of his back, and he never fully recovered from the injury.


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Doctors prescribed him pain medicine, but it wasn’t a long-term answer, and it didn’t provide for an ideal scenario for him to continue filmmaking. He is said to have gotten addicted to the pain medicine provided to him for back discomfort.

Elizabeth Montgomery Played Multiple Roles

Elizabeth Montgomery didn’t just portray the main witch, but she also assumed the role of Samantha’s niece Serena. She adopted the pseudonym Pandora Spocks to be credited as playing Serena.


Serena’s looks changed depending on her role, and she was often used as a stand-in for her cousin, thus the amusing pseudonym. Just in case you wish to check out her dual role in the TV series, Serena makes her debut appearance in the episode titled, “And Then There Were Three.”


Elizabeth Montgomery's Pregnancies

While working on the television series, Elizabeth Montgomery became pregnant three times. In July 1964, she gave birth to her first child. The producers were able to include two of Montgomery’s pregnancies into the screenplay, therefore expanding the Stephens family to include Tabitha and Adam.


The decision to include the youngsters in the television series did not meet with universal approval. Using inventive camera angles and other well-known Hollywood tactics, the show’s staff often attempted to conceal the fact that the actress was pregnant.


An Exceptional Sense of Humor

Erin Murphy (who played Tabitha on the series) spoke candidly about the cast in a 2017 interview with Fox News. While Elizabeth Montgomery looked to be the gentle girl next door, Murphy shared that she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. “She had a really dirty sense of humor…”

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Murphy continues to say, “She was just one of those people who was so beautiful, but she wasn’t afraid to look silly — kind of like Lucille Ball…They could be really campy and funny. There was no fear there.”


A Deserved Emmy Award

Two months after her death, Alice Pearce was honored with a posthumous Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy Award for her portrayal of the nosy neighbor Gladys.


It’s not uncommon for actors and actresses to get posthumous honors. Still, her decision to keep her illness hidden from her fellow cast members and the show’s producers was unusual, particularly given that the series had just premiered and her death came as a shock to the industry.


Amazing Details About the Costumes

Supporting actress Kasey Rogers, who portrayed Louise Tate, said that she furnished her own attire and would bring her own outfits into the studio a week before shooting. They’d be cleaned and pressed by the wardrobe department.

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At the time of the show’s success, finding ways to cut expenses for new TV shows and even some older programs was usual in the TV industry. This was also an excellent opportunity for supporting cast members to bring their own personalities to their parts.


Fabulous Off-Camera Friendships

Darrin may have disliked Endora on the program, but the two were close friends away from the cameras. In fact, Agnes Moorehead had a stronger bond with Dick York than any other member of the cast.

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After Bewitched was canceled, the co-stars’ friendship lasted for many years to follow. Moorehead was adamant about York being on the program, despite his reported addiction to pain relievers that everyone had come to know about. She is said to have gotten into a fight with Sargent and brought him to tears on a number of occasions.