Controversial Netflix Show Is Watched More Than 14 Million Times Despite Massive Backlash

By: Lauren Wurth | Published: May 23, 2024

There are currently 260.28 million Netflix subscribers around the world, and they collectively watch over 6 billion hours of entertainment on the platform every month. While Netflix does have classic movies, cartoons and even games, the most popular offering is undoubtedly its binge-worthy TV shows.

In the second week of May 2024, Netflix’s top-10 most-watched list was full of drama and controversy, but one show, which has received massive backlash, surpassed them all with over 14 million viewers. Let’s find out exactly which shows made the top 10, and specifically, the number one show that has everyone talking.

#10: The Gentlemen

Coming in at number ten is The Gentlemen, directed by Guy Ritchie. Ritchie based the show on his 2019 film of the same name. Although the characters and the actors who play them are completely different, the general concept is the same.

A promotional photograph for Netflix and Guy Ritchie’s popular TV show, The Gentlemen

Source: Netflix

Over 1.4 million enjoyed watching Theo James take over his family estate and become involved in a dangerous criminal underworld alongside Kaya Scodelario, who showed him the ropes.

#9: Bridgerton Season 2

With Bridgerton’s third season being released on May 16, many Netflix subscribers spent the past few weeks catching up on season two in preparation. Of the 1.4 million viewers, surely many were rewatching the popular series since it has been more than two years since its original release.

A screenshot from Netflix’s popular show 'Bridgerton' Season 2

Source: Netflix

In season two, Bridgerton fans follow along as Anthony Bridgerton (Johnathan Bailey) tries to find a suitable wife whom he actually enjoys spending time with. Like season one, it was absolutely full of drama, lies, and unbridled passion.

#8: Bridgerton Season 1

Speaking of Bridgerton season one, an additional 1.7 million Netflix users enjoyed rewatching season one of the series last week. The first season, which debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, took the world by storm.

A screenshot from Netflix’s popular show Bridgerton Season 1

Source: Netflix

After this first hit season, the world waited patiently for the second and then for the third season, which is sure to be at the very top of this list by the end of next week.

#7: Dead Boy Detectives

In April, Dead Boy Detectives sat in the number three spot, but as many have already enjoyed this new fantasy series, in May, it’s down to number seven. Still, 1.8 million viewers enjoyed the new show about two teenage ghost hunters this week.

A promotional photograph for Netflix’s popular show Dead Boy Detectives

Source: @KingandQueenLion/YouTube

In the first season, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland were both murdered at boarding school, though decades apart, and they both decided to stay on Earth and solve supernatural crimes instead of heading off to the afterlife.

#6: Selling the OC Season 3

For those who love Selling Sunset, Selling the OC is a must-see. As a spin-off series, real estate agents from The Oppenheimer Group move to Orange County to try their luck selling multi-million dollar houses on the beach.

A promotional photograph of the main characters from Netflix’s Selling the OC Season 3 walking along a sidewalk

Source: Netflix

Season three has some serious drama and surprises that led to more than 2.7 million views over the past week.


#5: Bodkin

Netflix knows that its viewers love a good crime drama, especially when it’s coupled with dark comedy. The new release, Bodkin, offers exactly that: Gilbert Power is a true-crime podcaster who travels to Ireland to investigate a missing person’s case.

A still from the popular dark comedy Bodkin on Netflix

Source: Netflix

Since its release on May 9, more than 3.3 million Netflix users binged season one, and it’s highly likely the Bodkin will move up this list next week.


#4: Katt Williams: Woke Folk

A whopping 4.3 million viewers tuned in to watch comedian Katt Williams’ new stand-up special, Woke Folk, this week. Williams is certainly well-known in the business, but it’s his take on modern political and social issues that has everyone watching.

A promotional photograph for comedian Katt Williams’ Netflix stand-up special Woke Folk

Source: Netflix

The show is part of the promotional campaign for Netflix Joke Fest, the largest live comedy event in history that the platform is putting on in Los Angeles from May 2-12, 2024, where Williams will be performing live.


#3: A Man in Full

After its release on May 2, the limited series A Man in Full has made it to the top-10 list on Netflix two weeks in a row. This week, more than 6.7 million viewers enjoyed the real estate drama, which many are comparing to the popular show Succession.

A screenshot of the popular Netflix limited series A Man in Full

Source: Netflix

The show starts with the death of Charlie Croker, an Atlanta businessman, but then takes viewers back 10 days before when everything started to go wrong.


#2: Baby Reindeer

For three weeks, Baby Reindeer has remained at the top of Netflix’s most-watched list. This incredible limited series tells the true story of its creator, Richard Gadd, who was assaulted, stalked and completely traumatized in real life.

A promotional photo of Richard Gadd, the creator and star of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer

Source: Netflix

Another 11.4 million people watched this heart wrenching and suspenseful series this week, which means that 65 million people around the world have seen this incredible performance.


#1: The Roast of Tom Brady

Last but certainly not least, taking the number one spot on Netflix’s top-10 most watched shows for the second week of May is The Roast of Tom Brady. Hosted by Kevin Hart, Tom Brady’s was, in some ways, a roast like all the others. However, unlike the others, Brady’s has sparked quite the controversy. 

A promotional photo from Netflix for its comedy special, The Roast of Tom Brady

Source: Netflix

Maybe because everyone was talking about it, over 13.8 million viewers tuned in to see comedians rip their favorite NFL player apart. But now, Brady is saying he had no idea it would be so bad.


The Roast of Tom Brady Controversy

One moment in particular has made headlines. Apparently, the comedians were told not to joke about the Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, and the salacious rumors of his time at a massage parlor. So when Jeff Ross did joke about the allegations, Brady went up on stage and whispered something in his ear, which many say was not staged and absolutely infuriated Brady.

A collage of several photographs of famous NFL player Tom Brady with his children

Source: @ToptenR/YouTube

Additionally, Brady has told the press that, in regard to the roast, he “wouldn’t do it again” as he didn’t like how it affected his children. Of course, with these kinds of headlines, who wouldn’t want to go watch and find out what all the fuss is about?