Famous Celebrities And How They Fell in Love with Their Partners

By: Mark Smith | Published: Oct 01, 2023

Having a perfect partner is highly refreshing! And there is always a beginning to every nurtured romance. Seeing your favorite celebrity couples on TV is something you crave. But have you ever thought about how your favorite celebrity couples met? Have you ever imagined what their first date looked like?

We want to quickly take you through how your favorite celebrity couples met. Grab your popcorn and read along as we unfold how your favorite celebrity couples met!

Ed Sheeran & Cherry Seaborn

Who could tell if his love life had inspired his hit track “Perfect Love?” Cherry and Ed were schoolmates in England. The love birds were classmates, with Sheeran admitting that he had known Cherry since he was 11 during an interview with “People Magazine.” In what looks like the duos were destined to date, they reconnected in 2015 in New York.


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This was after Sheeran was committed to his music career. During that time, Cherry played field hockey at Duke University and began working on Wall Street. This led to their reunion as Sheeran performed at different shows. Sheeran was at Taylor Swift’s party, where he told her he wanted her to meet Cherry, an old schoolmate. Sheeran and Cherry’s relationship went official after engaging in a 2017 holiday. They married a few months later.

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender

If anyone could love a private lifestyle, it is Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender. The public-shy couple “properly” crossed paths during rehearsals for one of their movies, “The Light Between Oceans.” Alicia revealed that she had shared a moment with Michael Fassbender before the official introduction during a movie promotion in 2016.


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Michael said he met Alicia on the dance floor during the Toronto Film Festival. “I never knew she was an incredible dancer until she hit the floor.” “I felt I was double left-footed,” added Michael. He further stated that their bond was incredible, even from the start of their love journey. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander tied the knot in October 2017.

Tom Ford & Richard Buckley

Indeed, there is nowhere you cannot find love! The love story of the designer and director Tom Ford and Richard Buckley corroborates the phrase. In 1986, during a ride in an elevator, that fate brought these two lovebirds together. In what looks like a controversial relationship, Tom Ford, after landing on the ground floor from the elevator, said he thought about Richard, ‘You’re the one.’ That’s it. Click!


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In what appears to be a controversial relationship, Tom Ford told “People Magazine” that “the love was at first sight.” “Within our first 30 days of being together at home, we locked our eyes.” “We have lived together for so long,” stated Tom. The couple’s son came in 2012, and two years later, they officially married. Tom Ford and Richard Buckley, a fashion designer, lived together until Richard died in 2021.

Idris Elba & Sabrina Dhowre Elba

Idris Elba was on a movie set, “The Mountain Between Us.” Little did he realize that it was on this movie set he would find someone to call his heartthrob. While in Vancouver for the movie shoot in 2017,


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Elba met Sabrina Dhowre. The movie star admitted that he fell in love immediately with the model after meeting at a party. Elba asked for Sabrina Dhowre’s hand in marriage, and the duo officially became husband and wife in 2019. The occasion took place in Morocco.

Jason Derulo & Jena Frumes

The gym may be a place to keep fit for people, but for Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes, it was a place to find love. The duo met at the gym in 2020 before the pandemic lockdown. Jason said, “We met at Equinox” while granting an interview session to Page Six in 2021.

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“I love to visit the gym, and so does Jena.” “The first time I met her was in the gym.” “I couldn’t hold back the second time she visited, and I took my chance by walking up to her, and we kicked off from there.” Their union produced a son, but they split shortly after their son’s arrival.


Kristin Chenoweth & Josh Bryant

It was Kristin Chenoweth’s niece’s wedding when musician Josh Bryant graced the occasion, but he didn’t realize the event would connect him to Kristin. Josh was there to perform with his country-rock group, which was when she knew Kristin.

They found each other again in another wedding in 2018 and started a relationship, according to Vogue. Josh proposed to her in 2021, having dated for a few years.


Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French

Some friends had introduced Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French to each other in 2012, in what they never thought would lead to a relationship

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Ashley explained that she knew it immediately when she met Chris, a composer, during an interaction with Ryan Seacrest, a radio host.


Millie Bobby Brown & Jake Bongiovi

When Instagram was launched, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi may not have understood that its founder was indirectly creating a space for them to meet in the future.

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The duo began their dating journey as teens in 2021. Millie explained she met Jake Bongiovi, the rock star Jon Bon Jovi’s son, while surfing Instagram. The “Stranger Things” and “Enola Holmes” actress admitted Jake was her friend for some time before taking the friendship to a whole new level while speaking during a Wired Autocomplete Interview in 2022.


Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger

Rumors flew around concerning Chris and Katherine’s relationship in 2018. The rumor emerged after people saw them together at a Father’s Day picnic. They had a child two years after they married in 2019 in California.

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Their relationship kicked off after meeting at a church. “We met at a Church,” Chris said while answering questions from “Extra.”


Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of how celebrities fell in love with their partners. We believe that all stories are unique, and there is no place you cannot find love. Which story inspires you most?

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Whether you have found your partner or are still, looking we hope this reminds you that there is someone for everyone and that in the end love always finds a way, not just in the storybooks.