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Famous Movie Scenes Created Accidentally

When watching any movie, sometimes there are specific scenes that stay in your mind more than others. And, sometimes, those are the scenes that happened by accident. It’s all part of the movie magic, after all.

Here are 11 movie bloopers that made it into the film’s final cut. And…action!

‘Django Unchained’

While filming Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio accidentally cut his hand on a piece of glass.

The blood that people see in the film’s final cut is his real blood! Talk about going with it. Mr. DiCaprio isn’t called one of the greatest actors of his generation for nothing.



‘The Usual Suspects’

Bryan Singer’s 1995 movie The Usual Suspects boasts an extremely talented group of actors. In the scene where they were in a police lineup, the actors couldn’t stop themselves from laughing.

Even though this irritated Singer, the funny moment ended up being an unforgettable movie moment. We couldn’t imagine the scene any other way!

‘Blade Runner’

During the scene in Blade Runner where Pris meets J.F. Sebastian, Daryl Hannah accidentally slips and smashes her elbow through a car window.

Before the cut was done, she finished out the scene, despite the fact that her elbow was chipped in eight places.


‘Midnight Cowboy’

Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight, the two protagonists of Midnight Cowboy, had a close call while filming on the streets of New York City. The actors were almost hit by a taxi, prompting Dustin to angrily shout: “Hey, I’m walking here!”

The accidental moment became a memorable scene and line.


‘Captain America: The First Avenger’

There’s a scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) transforms into Captain America.


Hayley Atwell’s (who plays Peggy Carter) reaction to him being shirtless was the first time she had seen his new-found body, she impulsively touched his chest. That must have been awkward, right?!

‘The Princess Diaries’

Anne Hathaway stars as Mia, a teenager who discovers that she is actually royalty, in The Princess Diaries. In the scene where she is climbing up the wet bleachers, Hathaway slipped.

Director Garry Marshall decided to keep that moment in the final cut, since he thought it was a “charming moment.” That was a good call because we couldn’t imagine that scene without it!

‘Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’

As Miranda Otto’s character Eowyn sees the destruction of her village, the intense New Zealand winds rip the Rohan flag straight from its pole.


This perfectly timed moment creates an unintentional metaphor that just had to make it in the final cut of The Two Towers.

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’

In Mrs. Doubtfire, during the filming of the scene where Mrs. Sellner comes to inspect Daniel’s apartment, some amazing movie magic happens.

Funnily enough, the set lights melted the icing from Robin Williams’ face! Naturally, he improvised the lines to accompany that accidentally hilarious moment. Knowing what a gifted performer and improviser Williams is, we aren’t surprised that he turned it into an iconic moment.


In the boxing genre, no movie does it better than Rocky. In the scene where Sylvester Stallone was performing his training montage, the people in the market had no clue he was actually filming a movie.


When a stall owner tosses him an orange, it’s a totally organic and improvised moment that made it into the film.

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

When a fly flew onto his face during a confrontation scene between Dr. Jones and the villain Belloq, actor Paul Freeman didn’t move a muscle or flinch.

The special effects team for Raiders of the Lost Ark made the smart decision to edit the footage to make it seem as though the fly went into Freeman’s mouth!

‘The Godfather’

Known as one of the best movies ever made, The Godfather (directed by Francis Ford Coppola), was released in 1972 and is an absolute classic. Starring Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, the film is undoubtedly a masterpiece.


Coppola found a cat running around the studio. Being the clever director that he is, he picked up the cat and put it right into Brando’s hands before they shot the opening scene. It fits perfectly with the mood of the scene and adds something a little extra.


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