Gaming Company Under Fire for Adding “Wokeness” Into Their Games

By: Alyssa Miller | Published: Mar 24, 2024

Gamers are focusing on Sweet Baby Inc.’s involvement with various projects across Steam, an online gaming platform, and blames Sweet Baby Inc. for adding wokeness to their games.

For a growing number of players, political ideologies or other topics that include diversity, sexual orientation, or cultural identities have no place in games. Sweet Baby Inc., credited as a writer on many games, appears to be the main reason why wokeness is present in the games.

What Is Sweet Baby Inc.?

Sweet Baby Inc. crafts video game narratives promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, aiding or supplementing the writing staff of video game studios.

The Sweet Baby Inc. white logo on a rainbow background.

Source: Sweet Baby Inc.

The company is transparent about its goals and writing approach. However, it seems that the company’s mission has made it a target of an online harassment campaign.

Sweet Baby Inc. Is the Target of a Harassment Group

Recently, Sweet Baby Inc. consulted on games like “Alan Wake 2,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” and “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.” Users on X and Kiwi Farms (a site known for organizing harassment campaigns) have been operating under the name “Sweet Baby Inc. Detected” to push back against Sweet Baby Inc.

A screenshot of the Sweet Baby Inc. Detected group on Steam

Source: Alyssa Miller/Steam

The campaign started after users accused the company of forcibly injecting a “political agenda” into video game narratives by advocating for diversity.

Sweet Baby Inc.’s Involvement in Game Narratives Is Smaller Than the Group Thinks

According to the GameDeveloper, the studio’s contributions to video games have happened on a micro level, offering story feedback, work-shopping narrative beast, writing flavor text, and barks with inclusivity in mind.

Four members of the Suicide Squad looking

Source: Warner Bro. Games/YouTube

However, Sweet Baby Inc. Detected has reframed the company’s work as shoehorning black or LGBTQ characters into games that they were not designed for.

The Harassment Worsens 

Sweet Baby Inc. CEO Kim Belair stated in an interview that the harassment began in October 2023 around the release of “Spider-Man 2” and “Alan Wake 2.” Belair said that the worst of the hate came from users on 4chan, Kiwi Farms, and X.

A woman with coily hair and a headset on as she looks at camera

Source: Inclusion FX/YouTube

Over the last several weeks, Belair observed the harassment worsening following the organization of the Steam Curation Page and Discord server to spread their conspiracy theories regarding Sweet Baby Inc.’s involvement with games.

The Group Dismiss Video Games With Sweet Baby Inc’s “Woke Agenda” 

The group on Steam has established a mission goal to avoid any games that Sweet Baby Inc. has worked on, hoping to dismiss any “woke agenda” or diversity, inclusion, or non-hetero, cis white characters that do not fit the gamer’s desired narrative.

A still of the two Spidmen from the video game "Spider Man 2"

Source: Sony/YouTube

According to The Western Journal, the group currently has over 200,000 followers on Steam, and over 3,800 members on a chat group within Discord.


The Hate Group’s Evidence and Mission

The Steam page dedicates itself to listing the games worked on by Sweet Baby Inc. (although the company lists them on their site), but both the page and Discord serve as breeding grounds for rapidly spreading conspiracy theories.

A still grabbed from the cinematic trailer for the video game "Sable"

Source: Raw Fury/YouTube

The bulk of the evidence that supports these conspiracy theories comes from GDC talks, and out-of-context clips from interviews that highlight comments that support the company’s mission statement.


What Happens Behind the Group’s Privacy Screen

Alyssa Mercante, a journalist from Kotaku, infiltrated the server for an hour before getting kicked out and reported that the group’s members were sharing posts“referencing Feminist Frequency founder Anita Sarkeesian, Marcus Aurelius quotes, and pictures of idealized female bodies in games.”

Screenshot from Sweet Baby Inc. Discord

Source: Kotaku/Discord

Mercante also spoke with two members who explained why they believe the Discord and Stream page were important. They believed the groups could “identify” games developed by Sweet Baby Inc. and help them make “informed decisions” when purchasing games.


Why Do Members Join Sweet Baby Inc. Detected 

“Sweet Baby Inc. is a symptom of other ideological worldviews that I believe have taken hold of the Western world, media, and gaming as a whole,” one member of the Discord to Mercante. The member believes that this lack of evidence would enable Sweet Baby Inc. to implement “race and identity group quotas in everything they are involved with.”

A cinematic screengrab from the trailer for "Alan Wake 2"

Source: PlayStation/YouTube

Ironically, Sweet Baby Inc. has structured its website and social media platforms to try to make its work as transparent as possible.


Sweet Baby Inc. Tries To Be as Transparent as Possible

“We care very deeply about getting more people into this industry, and increasing transparency in the ways that we work,” Belair noted. “The reason that we had public spaces at all was to talk more about it and to invite people to come talk to us so they can learn we can help them find their way in the industry.”

A screengrab from the video game "Usual June"

Source: Steam

Unfortunately, groups like Sweet Baby Inc. Detected have become a place for gamers triggered by “wokeness” to air their grievances. However, this type of outrage is nothing new in the gaming community.


Other Notable Controversies in the Video Game Industry

One of the most notable controversies that sparked outrage about “wokeness” in the video game industry involved Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us Part 2.” (The video game has several controversies that sparked outrage in certain gaming communities).

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some users complained that “The Last of Us Part 2” focused on Ellie and Dina’s relationship too much, a character named Lev who is struggling with his gender identity, the game’s racially diverse cast of characters, and Abby’s character design not fitting into a traditionally feminine appearance.


The Consequences of the Online Hate Group

There will always be gamers who feel outraged that video games are naturally becoming more diverse. Unfortunately, platforms like Steam and Discord are allowing these groups to continue to organize, creating an echo chamber that could lead to violent harassment both on and offline.

Young ethnic male with laptop screaming against a red background

Source: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Mercante and other journalists are attempting to dox some members who pose a big threat in groups like Sweet Baby Inc. Gaming platforms need to take action to help limit the harassment toward companies hired to do their jobs and write narratives that reflect the real world.