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George Lopez Claims He’ll ‘Leave the Country’ If President Trump Is reelected

As the presidential campaign of 2024 begins to heat up, many celebrities have voiced concern about both Donald Trump and the current president, Joe Biden, leading the nation once again. George Lopez even went as far as to say he would leave the country altogether should Trump find his way back to office at the end of the year. 

Actor and comedian George Lopez has been a longtime advocate of keeping Donald Trump as far away from the White House as possible. All throughout the former president’s campaign in 2016, Lopez criticized Trump and blasted him during his stand-up gigs.

It went so far that the comedian ended up with Secret Service agents at his home in 2020 when he made a joke about killing the president for $40 million, according to The Washington Post.

During a recent appearance on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” Lopez said to the host that he plans to “leave the country” should Trump win the election this year. In a portion of the interview, the host spoke on the “real possibility” of Trump winning back the office. Lopez then responded with the following, per OK Magazine.

“He could actually be president,” Lopez said. “And if he is Chris, you know, I said, I was gonna leave the country for the first time, you know, not until I pay all my taxes, I’ll stay here, but also, but also, he’s opened the door to a lot of doors that were, were, were closed before, I mean, for women and, and for migrants, and for a target on people’s backs.

“I think that I mean, you know, during his first presidency, to see ICE raids, which he said was going to happen — I mean, he really, he really did that and to take parents away and to send people, some of them that were citizens, I mean, really, as a matter,” he continued. “But I just think it’s, it’s beneath what America has stood for.”


Lopez’s comments garnered plenty of traction on social media in the wake of the interview. While many side with the comedian, others claim he’s being overly dramatic. One X (formerly Twitter) user wrote, “He should be horrified. We all should be. This is a legit fear for millions of Americans.”

Another person wrote, “We’ve got another name to add to the list of celebrities planning to leave the country if Trump takes office. At this point, Hollywood is going to be a ghost town by 2025.”

However, some jumped at the opportunity to joke on Lopez’s words by suggesting his threat of leaving only entices them to vote for Trump. One X user wrote, “I was already voting Trump. I didn’t need even more convincing.”

It’s currently unclear whether either presidential candidate will have the opportunity to run in the end. Biden’s cognitive abilities have become increasingly apparent to voters. In comparison, Trump is currently under investigation. Charges being brought against the former president could result in him facing a 300-year jail sentence.


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