How Katie Holmes Saved Her Daughter Suri from Scientology

By: Beth Moreton | Published: Mar 03, 2024

Katie Holmes was married to Scientologist and actor Tom Cruise for several years, and her divorce from him was finalized in 2012.

It is believed Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri for at least a decade, with Katie Holmes leaving him due to fears about their religion.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a Scientologist Wedding

With Cruise being one of the main figures in Scientology, it only made sense for him and Holmes to have a wedding within the religion.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Suri Cruise. Holmes has her hair up and is in a white dress. Cruise is in a black suit and is holding Suri in his arms, who is in a white dress.

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They wed in 2006. As the years went on, The Daily Mail has reported that sources close to Holmes said she found the religion quite intimidating. 

Tom Cruise Has No Part in Suri’s Life

Despite being father and daughter, since Cruise and Holmes divorced, Cruise has rarely been with Suri and hasn’t seen her in over a decade.

Tom Cruise smiling. He is in a green shirt and is holding a microphone.

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A source told The Daily Mail in 2023 that he no longer has any part in his daughter’s life and that the pair are essentially strangers to one another. 

Scientology Caused a Rift Between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

With Scientology being a big reason why Cruise and Holmes divorced, it is also said to have been the reason for the lack of relationship between Cruise and Suri.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. They are both wearing sunglasses and there is a man behind them wearing the same. Holmes is wearing a white jumper and gold necklaces.

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In 2016, a source told The Daily Mail that Katie had been worried she would lose Suri to Scientology, regardless of whether she stayed in the marriage or not. This was especially true given Nicole Kidman, who was previously married to Cruise, has been distant from her children since their divorce due to them sticking with Scientology. 

The Moment That Was the Final Straw

While Holmes put up with Cruise’s religion, the final straw came when some members of the Church of Scientology moved into their home.

The Church of Scientology in Los Angeles lit up at night.

Source: Scientology Media/Wikimedia Commons

These members moved in because Cruise is the most famous member of Scientology, and they wanted to make sure he was being well looked after, something Holmes was unhappy with and ultimately led to the end of their marriage. 

Scientology Has a ‘Toxic’ Disconnection Policy

With the public split of Cruise and Kidman estranging her from her children, and Holmes and Cruise’s own divorce separating him from his daughter, those who don’t know the religion well might question why this might be.

David Miscavige smiling at the camera. He is wearing a dark suit and white shirt.

Source: ScientologyMedia/Wikimedia Commons

Ron Miscavige, who is the father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, told The Daily Mail in 2016 that Scientologists having to disown their family members if they leave Scientology is a “toxic policy that ruins lives.”


Katie Holmes Didn’t Want to Raise Suri as a Scientologist

The older Suri became, the more pressing the issue was of whether or not she would be raised as a Scientologist.

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes at an event. There is another girl sat inbetween them.

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However, Holmes was worried that if that happened and she ended up divorcing Cruise, she would end up becoming separated from Suri, and she didn’t want that to happen. 


Katie Holmes’ Father Is a Divorce Attorney

Knowing that her divorce from Cruise would be a difficult one, Holmes turned to her father, divorce attorney Martin Holmes, for some advice.

Katie Holmes at an event. She has short, dark hair, and is wearing a dark dress.

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He helped her get the divorce, as reported by People, and ensured that she wouldn’t be left empty-handed. 


Tom Cruise Pays Child Support

As Holmes is Suri’s sole caregiver, the divorce documents stated that Cruise would have to pay $400,000 in child support every year until Suri turned 18.

Tom Cruise at an event. He is in a dark suit and there are people behind him.

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He is also required to pay for her dental and medical expenses and insurance, education, and college tuition. 


Suri Wants to Work in Fashion

She might have two famous actors as parents, but that’s apparently not the route she wants to go down.

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise out with some friends in New York. They are dressed somewhat casual and Holmes is holding a box in her hands.

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Instead, she is said to be looking into applying for schools that can help her achieve her dreams of working in fashion. Whichever school she goes to, Cruise will be legally obligated to pay for the tuition, even though he no longer sees her.


Tom Cruise Was Allowed Visitation Rights

Despite Holmes being granted sole custody of Suri, Cruise was initially given visitation rights.

Tom Cruise taking pictures with some fans at an event. He is wearing sunglasses and a dark suit.

Source: Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons

However, the last time he was publicly seen with Suri was in 2012 during a trip to Disneyland, which was the same year his and Homes’ divorce was finalized.


Cruise Denies He ‘Abandoned’ His Daughter

Due to his visitation rights and the fact he had barely been seen with Suri, one of Bauer Media Group’s magazines reported that he had “abandoned” his daughter, something which he strongly denied. He ended up suing the magazine for libel to the tune of $50 million (via ABC News).

Tom Cruise at Comic Con. He is pointing and smiling at the camera and he is wearing a green shirt and holding a microphone.

Source: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Cruise said that at the time he had been abroad shooting two films and as a result hadn’t had time to see his daughter. However, a decade after the lawsuit, he still hasn’t been seen with her.


Suri Is Said to Be Very Talented

With her plans to go to college so she can study and work in fashion, this isn’t the only area Suri is talented in.

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri is smiling and wearing a white top. Holmes has her arm in the air and is wearing a pair of sunglasses and grey cardigan.

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She also sang “Blue Moon” in the soundtrack of Holmes’ film “Alone Together.” However, while she may have amazing singing abilities, fashion is where her heart lies right now.