Jennifer Lawrence Told Robert De Niro to Go Home, ‘I Was Freaking Out’

By: Sam Watanuki | Last updated: Jan 31, 2024

Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding to Cooke Maroney in 2019 wasn’t just another celebrity extravaganza. It was a blend of glamour, personal anxieties, and candid moments.

Known for her roles in blockbuster hits, Lawrence’s wedding had a guest list that read like a Hollywood who’s who. Yet, beneath the glitz, it was an event filled with the same worries and pressures any couple faces, magnified by the star power in attendance.

The Stress of Perfection

Planning a wedding is no small feat, especially when you’re an A-lister like Jennifer Lawrence. The pressure to create a perfect experience for guests was immense.

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Lawrence herself admitted to being preoccupied with her guests’ enjoyment, a concern shared by many brides but amplified in her case by the presence of celebrity guests. This stress highlights the universal challenges of wedding planning, regardless of one’s status.

Celebrity Guest List

Adele’s soulful voice, Ashley Olsen’s fashion icon status, and Kris Jenner’s media mogul presence gave the event an extraordinary flair. But this wasn’t just a gathering of stars—it was a collection of friends and colleagues from Lawrence’s journey in Hollywood.

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The presence of these celebrities added a layer of complexity to the event, combining professional networks with personal celebrations.

A Friend's Concern

Among the guests was Robert De Niro, a notable figure in Lawrence’s career. Their friendship, built on the sets of various films, brought a personal touch to the celebrity-filled event.

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Lawrence’s concern for De Niro at the rehearsal dinner, worrying he felt unfomfortable and out of place, showed her compassionate side, often obscured by her on-screen personas.

The Unusual Invite

Jennifer didn’t expect De Niro, with whom she had worked on multiple films, to accept her wedding invitation.

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This dynamic sheds light on the nature of Hollywood relationships, where formalities often outweigh expectations of participation in personal life milestones.

The Candid Whisper

In a moment of heartfelt honesty, Lawrence mentioned to De Niro that he could leave if he felt uncomfortable. This gesture, far from the glamor typically associated with celebrity interactions, was a candid display of friendship and understanding.

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It demonstrated Lawrence’s prioritization of personal comfort over social formalities, even at her own wedding.


De Niro's Gracious Exit

De Niro’s response to Lawrence’s suggestion to leave if he was uncomfortable was both gracious and respectful. He acknowledged her concern, briefly interacted with her family, and then headed out.

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While it could be misconstrued that Lawerence asked De Niro to leave for a negative reason, this interaction highlighted the mutual respect and genuine friendship between the two stars, transcending their professional relationship.


Relief and Reflection

A weight was lifted off of Lawrence’s shoulders as De Niro left, allowing her to relax and enjoy the rest of her wedding.

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It’s a reminder that behind the celebrity facade, stars are driven by the same emotions and concerns as everyone else.


A Bond Beyond the Screen

The friendship between Lawrence and De Niro, forged through their work in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Joy, is a prime example of the lasting relationships that can develop in Hollywood.

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Their bond, evident in their interactions during the wedding, goes beyond the typical on-screen chemistry, showing genuine mutual respect and affection.


The Wedding Day

The wedding day itself was a blend of splendor and intimacy. While specific details remain private, the atmosphere was reportedly a mix of high-profile glamour and personal touches.

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The event encapsulated Lawrence’s journey from a young actress to a Hollywood icon, surrounded by friends, family, and colleagues.


Life After the Wedding

Since tying the knot with Maroney, Lawrence’s life has continued to evolve. In February 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, Cy, marking a new chapter in their lives.

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Lawerence’s progression continued to evolve from a public figure known for her film roles to a mother and partner in a private, family-oriented life.


Just Like Everyone Else

Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding was a celebration marked by personal moments, genuine concerns, and the universal chaos of wedding planning. It underscores the fact that beneath the veneer of stardom, celebrities face the same emotional complexities as everyone else.

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Their experiences, much like their films, can resonate with people from all walks of life.