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Michael Jackson’s Youngest Son, Blanket, Makes Rare Appearance

Members of the Jackson family, including his children Paris, Prince Michael Jr and Blanket on stage at the 'Michael Forever' Michael Jackson tribute concert at the Millennium Stadium on October 08, 2011 in Cardiff, Wales.
Source: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

In the world of entertainment, few families carry a legacy as iconic as the Jacksons. Recently, this legacy was once again brought into the spotlight with a rare social media appearance by Michael Jackson’s youngest son, Bigi, formerly known as Blanket.

This uncommon public appearance, captured in a group picture posted by Norwegian rapper Omer Bhatti, has stirred considerable interest among fans and the media, once again shining a light on the lives of the Jackson siblings today.

Bigi, who changed his name in 2015, has maintained a notably low profile since his father’s passing in 2009. Now 21, his rare appearances are a reminder of the Jackson family’s continued relevance and the public’s enduring fascination with them. In the recent photo, Bigi is seen alongside his cousins, including Randy Jackson Jr., Donté Jackson, Royal Jackson, and Jermajesty Jackson, presenting a united front of the next generation of the Jackson family. Fans, quick to comment on the striking resemblance between Bigi and his late father, reveled in this glimpse into his life.

Omer Bhatti’s presence in the Jackson family’s narrative adds another layer to the enduring saga. Known for his close bond with Michael Jackson, who he describes as a mentor and father figure, Bhatti’s relationship with the Jackson children is equally significant. His Instagram post not only featured Bigi but also showcased a charming interaction with Paris Jackson, Michael’s only daughter. In a candid moment, Paris is seen shaving Omer’s hair, a scene that fans found endearing, further highlighting the close-knit nature of their relationship.

Paris Jackson, in her own right, has carved out a successful career as a singer, amassing over 4.5 million followers on Instagram. Her artistic journey and public presence stand in contrast to her brothers’ more private lifestyles. Her music and social media interactions offer insights into her personality and how she navigates the balance between her personal life and the public’s interest in her family’s legacy.

Prince Jackson, the eldest of Michael’s children, has taken a different path. With a degree in business administration from Loyola Marymount University, Prince has focused on philanthropy, co-founding the Heal Los Angeles Foundation. Though he maintains a relatively low profile, his occasional social media posts often serve as tributes to Michael Jackson, reminding the world of the deep impact his father had on his life.


The dynamic within the Jackson family is a fascinating blend of individual pursuits and collective heritage. While each sibling has chosen a different path, their mutual support for one another is evident. This balance between private life and public image is particularly challenging given their lineage. Yet, despite the immense shadow cast by their father’s fame, each has found a way to forge a unique identity.

Michael Jackson’s influence on his children is unmistakable. Whether it’s in their creative endeavors, philanthropic work, or the way they handle public attention, his legacy continues to shape their lives.

The recent social media appearance by Bigi Jackson, alongside his siblings and Omer Bhatti, offers a rare window into the lives of the Jackson family. It’s a reminder of how, despite the inevitable challenges of growing up in the public eye, the children of Michael Jackson are navigating their paths, honoring their father’s legacy while carving out their own identities.

Written By Sam Watanuki

Sam is an experienced writer and avid video game enthusiast, contributing to notable gaming publications such as GamingPizza, TheGamer, and SVG. Sam has played a pivotal role in the strategy and development of these websites, while also laying the foundational success for growing food-related websites like TheTravel, TheRecipe, Mashed, and Chowhound, by writing and editing high-quality, engaging content for each site's audience.

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