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Server Exposes Post Malone’s $2,633 Dinner Bill – The Tip He Left Has People in Awe

Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

After enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant, the expectation is that you’ll leave an appropriate tip for your server. While some establishments automatically include gratuity on their checks, others leave the tip amount entirely up to the patron. Of course, servers aren’t typically paid an hourly wage and they rely mostly on tips to generate income. While everyone has heard horror stories of diners leaving minuscule tips for waitstaff, Post Malone went above and beyond to ensure that his server was properly compensated for his work.

The singer recently enjoyed a meal at an undisclosed restaurant and was handed a $2,633 check that already included 22% towards a mandatory gratuity. Most people would consider that percentage to be a generous tip, but not Post Malone. On October 10, 2023, a Reddit user took to the r/ServerLife subreddit to share their encounter with the famed entertainer. The woman claimed to have almost 20 years of experience as a server and revealed that the best tip she had ever gotten was from none other than Post Malone. In a post titled, “Post Malone is a wonderful person and a great tipper,” the Redditor shared her unforgettable experience waiting on the “Better Now” singer.

To the server’s utter shock and disbelief, Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, left her a whopping $3,000 tip. The Redditor even uploaded a picture of the receipt from that evening to prove that her story was legitimate. While she blurred out any identifying information for security reasons, the top of the receipt clearly showed the customer as “Post Malone” along with his signature at the bottom. The receipt also revealed that the mandatory 22% service charge came out to $535.26. Then there was an additional $304.24 charge for tax. After Post’s impressive $3,000 tip, the grand total amounted to $6,472.50. While Post Malone is rumored to have a net worth of around $45 million, he wasn’t required to go above and beyond when it came to tipping his server. However, the server was extremely appreciative of his generous $3,000 tip.

Post Malone is one celebrity who has a universally pristine reputation behind the scenes. There have been countless stories of the rapper taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with fans. In 2019, Post Malone took a trip to Mel’s Drive-In on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. According to reports, he happily took selfies with fans and casually conversed with anyone who approached him. An inside source said that he even left a $1,000 tip for the staff at Mel’s, which is noteworthy considering the diner serves affordably-priced menu items such as burgers and fries.

In addition to his incredible fan encounters, Post Malone is also known to be quite philanthropic. He is no stranger to donating to charities and using his celebrity status for good. In May 2023, a Scottish singer named Gregor Hunter Coleman met Post Malone after performing at Wunderbar in Glasgow. Post Malone was a fan of his music and offered him a drink, to which he responded, “Listen, I’m saving for a house so I’m not drinking just now.” According to Coleman, Malone offered to hire him to perform at a private event. Coleman accepted the offer but refused to accept compensation, telling the rapper that the experience alone would be “the chance of a lifetime.” From there, Post Malone insisted that he help him pay the down payment for his dream home. Post Malone is living proof that a little kindness can go a long way. His good deeds may be small to someone like him, but they can mean the world to those on the receiving end of his thoughtfulness.


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