Serena Willaims Shocks The Internet By Claiming Breastmilk Healed Her Sunburn

By: ScreenGawk Staff | Published: Dec 13, 2023

Serena Willaims has shocked the internet after revealing her unique remedy for healing sunburn.

The GOAT of women’s tennis claims she was pain-free after only a few days of applying breastmilk on her reddened skin.

Tennis GOAT Shares Unique Secret

Typically, the face of Serena Willaims is plastered over the internet following a major tennis victory.

Serena Willaims celebrates during a Ladies Singles tennis match against Christina McHale

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However, the retired 42-year-old, who gave birth to her second daughter this past August, is making headlines for her unorthodox way of healing sunburn.

Serena Shares Tips On TikTok

The former athlete recently shared a video on her TikTok account explaining why she began using breast milk as a remedy.

Serena Willaims speaks during a recent TikTok video uploaded to her account

Source: Serenawilliams/TikTok

In the video, Serena explains that she got burned under her eyes. So, in order to reduce the redness, the grand slam winner said, “I’m trying some breast milk.”

Breast Milk Can Heal Wounds

Williams explains that she had heard that breast milk had a variety of medical benefits.

Mother tends to her child who has a cut on her knee

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The tennis star says she had heard breast milk could help heal her children’s cuts and scrapes. So, she then questioned whether or not it could help with sunburns.

Williams Shows Off Her Remedy

As the video continues, viewers can see Serena shaking a bottle of breast milk before applying it directly under her eyes with a rag.

Serena Williams shows of breastmilk remedy during TikTik video

Source: Serenawilliams/TikTok

“It works for my kid. They say put breast milk on everything, and I have a lot extra, so I’m gonna try it for a week or so under my eye and see how it goes,” she said.

Pain-Free In 24 Hours

Serena reported terrific results after only a day of applying the breast milk to the sunburn under her eyes.

Woman spreads her arms in relief beside a lake

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She claims that the sunburn was gone just a few days later, and she was completely pain-free.


Serena Shares The News With Fans

The former athlete added a caption under her video explaining how shocked she was that the breastmilk actually worked.

Serena applies the breastmilk under her eyes with a small rag

Source: Serenawilliams/TikTok

“Ok, is this totally weird??? I have to say, after a week of using MY breast milk under my eye – it worked!”


Serena Goes Viral

Serena shared the video with her vast audience of over 1.5 million followers, and the video quickly went viral.

Woman shows off her sunburn after a long day at the beach

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As of December 8th, the video reached nearly 65 thousand views and prompted her fans to share their own sunburn remedies.


Fans Share Their Unique Remedies

Many of Serena’s followers gave their own recommendations to ease the redness and pain from sunburn. While others admitted to using breastmilk to help with sensitive skin issues.

Women holds a small bottle of orange oil

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“Put organic castor oil. Takes away dark circles and heals at the same time,” one wrote.


The Healing Properties of Breastmilk

TikTok users came forth with various health benefits of using breastmilk in their everyday lives. One even claimed it healed her son’s skin problems.

Young child scratches his outbreak of eczema

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“I gave a friend some of my breast milk to make bar soap for me to use on my son’s eczema. It Was a wild concept to get my head around, but it worked,” she said.


Not As Glamorous As You Think

Last month, Serena shared another video to TikTok where she spoke about motherhood. The video then switched to a shot of the former Tennis star pumping breast milk.

Serena Willaims is seen in a video with her newborn daughter and her firstborn

Source: Serenawilliams/TikTok

“What my life is really like. It’s not as glamorous as you think,” she wrote in the caption.


Welcome to the Family

In August, Serena took to social media to welcome her second child to the world.

Serena Willaims Pumps and Drives

Source: Serenawilliams/TikTok

According to the Grand Slam winner, this is why she’s had so much extra breast milk, enabling her to exterminate with its healing properties.