The End of Shared Accounts? Netflix Needs to Chill

By: Riley Brown | Published: Dec 04, 2023

Netflix made a decision to crack down on members and end shared accounts earlier this year. Their decision-making led to many not-so-happy customers.

Now, paid account holders are restricted from sharing their passwords with others to use their accounts. Rather, individuals will need to buy their own membership account. Here are some changes to expect from Netflix.

A Friend of a Friend of a Friend

“There is love in sharing,” that’s how the common saying goes, especially if it has to be streaming sites. Users subscribe to these sites monthly to enjoy streaming services, but most people borrow their friends’ or relatives’ accounts instead of subscribing.


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As such, streaming companies will either lose or win in this situation, as many people are enjoying these benefits and services beyond what they subscribed for. This is why the movie streaming giant Netflix is partnering with Amazon to change policies.

The Future is Here

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most significant technological advancements we have seen in the past few years. And it is incredibly revamping many sectors. Although AI seems like a “Black Mirror” episode, we cannot deny its reality. The movie streaming sector is another area that will leverage the power of AI as it will help fish out freeloaders.



This new approach has become more realistic as one UK-based tech start-up launched a new tech. This brand-new invention acquires additional account holders’ information at streaming sites. The AI technology will monitor the account holders’ affairs, allowing streaming sites to see irregularities in users’ accounts. This action also extends to extreme activities that may point to several users.

End of an Era

In what looks to be a total clampdown on people who wait for their friends and relatives to subscribe to Netflix’s monthly services, this may be the end of that era. As paid users share their passwords with others for a subsidized price or free, Netflix is upset about the development. But what does this mean for those who leech from paid users?


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This means users who want to enjoy streaming the Netflix service but not live with a paid subscriber will be prevented from streaming movies on Netflix. Hence, they must subscribe to the Netflix plan to enjoy the services. Streaming sites believe the new tech introduced will foster profits, including keeping their clients and filtering “parasitic accounts” at Netflix.

Final Thoughts

Netflix has happened to be a part of our daily lives. But policies are set to revamp the movie streaming sector. Certainly, it is the end of the road for Netflix account-sharing, so users must subscribe to any of its plans, hence, they may not chill with Netflix!


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