Whoopi Goldberg Loses it on Live TV When She Finds Out She’s Related to This Celebrity

By: ScreenGawk Staff | Published: Jan 09, 2024

What do NFL star Tony Gonzalez and Whoopi Goldberg have in common? (A lot, actually.) 

Whoopi Goldberg, EGOT winner and head speaker on The View, found out that she is actually related to Tony Gonzalez — and announced her findings on a recent episode of The View. Here’s what we know. 

How Did This Revelation Happen?

Whoopi Goldberg was a prominent figure during the 2000s and 2010s, appearing on numerous talk shows and series across channels. 

Finding Your Roots series art is pictured.

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One of the more well-known appearances was made on a PBS series called Finding Your Roots. The series was led by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who liaises with genealogy experts to find unexpected family ties for many.

When Did Whoopi First Find Out?

While her appearance on Finding Your Roots (previously known as African American Lives) occurred nearly a decade ago, Whoopi Goldberg only recently found out that she was related to Tony Gonzalez.

PBS logo is shown (left) next to Henry Louis Gates Jr. (right)

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A recent post from Yahoo noted that Henry Louis Gates Jr. had identified the connection ten years later, sharing it with the star. 

Here’s What Historian Henry Louis Gates Jr. Had to Say

While Mr. Gates is renowned for his work with celebrity guests, he noted Whoopi’s revelation was especially impactful. 

A gloved hand holds a vial

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According to Yahoo News, Gates Jr. was quoted saying that he did a number of Black celebrities on the first series, Whoopi included. “We didn’t have the sophisticated tests that we now use for DNA at that time,” Gates Jr. continued. 

The Moment: Whoopi’s Reaction Revealed.

Per Yahoo, Gates went to confirm the news to Whoopi: “You all know about DNA cousins? You have a DNA cousin dear… Tony Gonzalez is your DNA cousin.”

Whoopi (left), Tony (middle) and Henry (right) shown together.

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The news seemed to come as a shock to Whoopi, who was reportedly clutching her chest in shock. “That’s my cousin?!” she pondered, literally remaining jaw-dropped on camera. 

Other Members of the View Were Shell-Shocked (And Excited)

Whoopi wasn’t the only person on the panel who had some feelings on the matter. Co-hosts on The View were quick to assert their opinions about the NFL star. 

Sara Haines (left) next to co-star Sunny Hostin (right)

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Wow, I want to come over for your family dinner,” Sara Haines joked, while Sunny Hostin joked about how attracted she was to Tony Gonzalez. 


Kissing Cousins?

Joy Behar, fellow The View co-host, went a step further and joked that the pair could be “kissing cousins,” according to Yahoo News.

Joy Behar in front of a screen on set.

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Britannica defines kissing cousins as two cousins who are intimate and comfortable enough to formally kiss as a greeting. Unofficial sources state it is a cousin that is distant enough that you could marry.


Wait a Second — Is Gonzalez Kissing Cousins With Whoopi?

Per Yahoo, Gonzalez is not considered married or formally tied to Whoopi Goldberg in any way, despite the joke from Joy Behar. 

Tony is pictured with his wife, October, and their family for Thanksgiving.

Source: Tony Gonzalez/X

Gonzalez is married to his wife October Tobie. He has had three children with her, and has a son from a prior relationship with Lauren Sánchez, an entertainment reporter. 


What’s Next for Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Gonzalez?

Whoopi Goldberg eventually returned to the main topic at hand, recovering from her surprise at the unexpected family tie.

Whoopi Goldberg at the 90th Academy Awards Ceremony

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According to Yahoo News, the TV personality concluded the segment; inviting Tony to come be a guest on air. “Cousin Tony…we’d like to have you here at The View!” she shouted.


Could Tony Gonzalez Really Be a Guest on the View?

While it would be a surprise, Tony Gonzalez could feasibly be a guest on The View. In addition to his tie-in with family member Whoopi Goldberg, he would join the list of stars and celebrities to sit on the panel.

Tony Gonzalez is shown against a pink background.

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Other notable names hosted include Hillary Clinton, Constance Wu, Reese Witherspoon, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tyler Perry, and Kevin Smith.


Looking Back: Who Is Whoopi Goldberg?

Whoopi Goldberg, now a TV personality, is a seasoned Hollywood alum. She has starred in over 150 films and is one of 18 people to have achieved an EGOT — known as an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.

EGOT explained: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony awards, from right to left.

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She has made history as the first Black female to earn the EGOT distinction. She has hosted The View since 1997.


Looking Back: Who Is Tony Gonzalez?

Tony Gonzalez is a well-known NFL star who has played in the league for 17 seasons at the time of this publication. Formerly playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Gonzalez concluded his career as the tight end for the Atlanta Falcons. 

Tony Gonzalez is shown after a recent touchdown.

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Tony Gonzalez retired from the NFL on December 30th, 2013.