The Clintons Are Making a Comeback in Politics

By: Julia Mehalko | Published: Mar 16, 2024

It’s been eight years since a Clinton has either been in office or on a ballot. Though the power that former President Bill Clinton and former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have has waned in the last few years alone, the Clintons still remain influential — and seem to be stepping back into the political limelight.

As Democratic President Joe Biden looks poised to face former President Donald Trump in a general election rematch, both Clintons have reportedly been advising their party behind the scenes.

Clinton, Obama, and Biden’s Upcoming Fundraiser

Perhaps the biggest realization that Bill Clinton is not yet done with politics comes from the recent announcement that he, alongside former President Barack Obama and current President Biden, will be hosting a huge fundraiser in New York City for Biden’s reelection campaign.

Bill Clinton and Joe Biden in the White House together.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

The fundraiser marks a huge turn for past presidents, as seeing three former presidents together in one event is quite rare.

Bill Clinton Remains Influential Behind the Scenes

However, to political analysts in the know, this fundraiser simply confirms what everybody has known behind the scenes — that Bill Clinton remains involved in politics.

Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden, and former President Bill Clinton walking together as people take photos.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

According to these insiders, Clinton cannot step away from the political game. Both he and his wife Hillary remain up-to-date on the news, the polls, and everything about Biden’s re-election campaign. For the most part, the fact that they’re still involved behind the scenes is the result of their own persistence.

Clinton Dissuaded Third-Party Runs

In a move that was perhaps most positive for Biden, Clinton reportedly dissuaded some political leaders from running for a third party for this year’s presidential election.

Former President Bill Clinton speaking at the White House podium in 2023.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Larry Hogan, the former Governor of Maryland, had a public chat onstage together about politics in Little Rock in 2023. At the time, rumors were flying that Hogan was going to run as a third-party candidate. However, Clinton nicely told him he shouldn’t do this.

Why Clinton Rejects Third-Party Runs

Clinton was allegedly nice and delicate when insinuating that Logan shouldn’t run for president as a third-party candidate — even though Logan didn’t specifically ask for his advice.

Bill Clinton speaking into a microphone with an American flag behind him.

Source: 271277/Pixabay

Clinton doesn’t believe that third-party runs will help anybody in the U.S., and especially not President Biden. To Clinton, a third-party run can only help Trump win — an outcome neither Clinton wants.

Clinton Also Told Manchin Not to Run

Senator Joe Manchin recently announced he would not run for reelection in 2024. This announcement prompted many political analysts to assume he would run for president on a third-party ticket.

Joe Manchin speaking in front of a microphone to a crowd at night.

Source: Senate Democrats/Wikimedia Commons

When the moderate Democrat reached out to chat with Clinton, the former president reportedly told him to steer clear of running. This time, Clinton was more strict and forceful with his advice to the West Virginia senator.


Biden and Clinton Talk

Though Biden and Bill Clinton are on good terms, the two can go months without talking. Regardless of this fact, Clinton has been supportive of Biden’s presidency both in public and in private, when he’s just chatting with friends.

A close-up of a rolled-up New York Times newspaper with Joe Biden on the front.

Source: Jon Tyson/Unsplash

When the two do have a chance to talk, they get on well. They often talk about economics. However, they both have the same view on Trump and believe it’s become difficult to get the public to focus on Biden’s accomplishments thanks to the former president.


Clinton Has Visited Biden in the White House

The former president has also visited Biden in the White House at least two different times. Both times, the two have had the chance to talk about unique situations only presidents understand.

The White House seen at night underneath a dark blue sky.

Source: Tabrez Syed/Unsplash

In February of 2023, Clinton visited Biden and the pair spoke privately. According to insiders, both men view themselves as similar presidents, thanks to their ability to relate to working-class voters more than other Democrats can.


The Shifting Relationship Between the Clintons and Biden

Though Biden and the Clintons are now seemingly on good terms, it hasn’t always been this way. Bill Clinton offered Biden advice in 2008 when it was clear he would run against Hillary for president. When Obama won the presidency and made Biden vice president, it was Biden who reached out to recruit Hillary as secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama outside together, both wearing masks, while around other people in 2021

Source: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/Wikimedia Commons

However, when Obama gave Hillary his blessing to run for president in 2016, Biden was left feeling that he was passed over. As a result, things momentarily cooled between Biden and the Clintons.


Hillary Clinton Has Become Close to Harris

While Bill has strengthened ties with the Biden administration behind the scenes, Hillary Clinton has built up her relationship with Vice President Kamala Harris. Hillary and Harris first got in touch in 2021 as Harris was preparing for foreign trips.

Vice President Kamala Harris at a desk smiling with a pen in her hand.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Their professional friendship only grew from there. Now, their relationship is more friendly. Harris has relied on Hillary for advice on certain events and appearances.


The Clintons’ Public Support

Though neither is running for political office, both Bill and Hillary are still giving public support to Biden and the Democratic Party. During events, the married couple answers questions about the election and other political topics.

Hillary and Bill Clinton with Antony Blinken and others at the unveiling of her official portrait.

Source: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

In the Biden Administration, many analysts have noticed more and more former Clinton aides and employees are gaining official spots than, say, former Obama aides.


Why the Clintons Aren’t Fully in the Limelight

Though it’s clear both Bill and Hillary are working behind the scenes to influence or help the Democratic Party, and while they have been publicly vocal in their support for Biden, they haven’t fully stepped into the limelight this election season yet.

A person holds an “I Voted” sticker that is red and blue.

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Those in the know say this is because the Clintons are aware that they aren’t incredibly popular, even for Democrats. They also want to prevent the far right from igniting even more conspiracy theories about them — theories that could take away from Biden’s election campaign.